The people who serve you at our store are not salespersons.  They are bicycle commuters, messengers, road racers, criterium racers, triathletes, USCF cycling coaches, cyclocross racers, veterans of many a TOSRV and other day tours, race organizers, and expert mechanics who will use their experience to answer any questions you have about cycling so you too can reap the benefits of the sport and reach your full potential.  We have more than thirty years of experience that we can press into service to select, fit and build the perfect bike for your needs.  We are not snobs and we don't care if you ever race at all.  What we do care about is that you can experience the enjoyment, exhilaration, and health benefits of bicycling and we will use our experience to ensure you get the most out of the sport.  The beauty of the cycling is that anyone, no matter what age, no matter how much you weigh, or what level of physical fitness you are currently in, and regardless of the size of your wallet, all can participate in and enjoy this low impact aerobic sport.  Physically, it can be used to rehabilitate injuries to your legs and joints, to burn off excess pounds, and to help your heart. Mentally, biking is good for your self esteem and managing stress. There is nothing like getting on a bike after a stressful day to burn off some stress and collect your thoughts: the feel

of the wind in your face as you pedal your bike along under your own power; the exhilaration felt descending hills at speeds that would be frustratingly slow in a car;  feeling the subtle differences in temperature and smelling the changing fragrances of the green blurs, some sweet, some earthy, they all pass by the wayside, as you travel on with your mind free to wander the textured asphalt stretches that fall beneath the slivers of rubber beneath you; all these are sensations we've experienced, lost and unappreciated from within the confining cockpit of a car but found perched atop the saddle of  a bicycle.  The feeling of freedom and independence is what we hope to impart to all we come to know as well as the sense of accomplishment you feel when you get off the bike after a long ride or race.  Although we like road bikes and racing, we vow never to be elitist.  We offer used bikes and even free bikes donated to us to have us find a good home for.  If you have an old bike at home that you think is hopeless, don't be afraid to bring it by.  We can look at it and let you know whether or not it is worth fixing up.  Many times we can get the old rust bucket looking and working like new (or better) usually for around $50 -$100.  We even convert the old dropped bar road bikes to upright fast riding comfortable hybrids for $75-$150.

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